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Buying the very cheapest - of anything!

Very cheap offers are all around. Sometimes 'cheapest' means 'worst quality' but there are special offers online that can reduce the cost of many items, both luxuries and essentals, quite substantially for those willing to do their research. Amongst the mosr polpular items are:


Sometimes last minute holidays can be reduced considerably. Holiday companies would rather have customers who will spend money on meals, drinks, excursions and other extras, than empty seats on a place and empty beds in a hotel.


Yes, there can be savings, but caution is necessary. It's no use getting the bargain of the century if it turns out to be a lemon or even downright dangerous!


It could be argued that no insurance is really "cheap" but it is possible to find lower cost policies and there is no shortage of advice on how to find them online.


Booking well ahead can result in reduced fairs and sometimes the opposite applies too! If you're flexible and can leave at short notice there are often excellent prices to be had.


From luxury palaces to simple, low budget accommodation, most hotels have a seasonal trade and if you travel outside the most popular dates you can sometimes find sizeable reductions.


Although rates are projected to go up over the medium term most experts predict that the rises will be modest, and at the moment they are close to their all-time lows


Yes it really is possible to eat well on a reduced budget without sacrificing nutrition. The right recipes can help create tasty, healthy meals for single people as well as families.


From ways of beating the complex train ticket system to backpacking guides, there are many ways to travel further, for less.


Are we being ripped off for our mobile phones, and access charges? There are bargains out there if we look for them.


Thanks to companies like Amazon and their Kindle ap we can now read most books for a fraction of what it would have cost only a few years ago!

Always remember though:

Sometimes, paying a little more can give you a lot more benefits.

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